New Village Players Website Launched

Welcome to the new!
We’re very proud to present to you this new design and hope it makes for a much simpler and informative experience for you.

The Home page will provide you with all the recent news updates, be they Audition Announcements, Show Announcements, Reviews, News, Calls for Assistance, etc. Just like a blog does. You’ll notice to the right you can choose to see specific News Categories and filter out the other stuff.  Above it, you’ll see links to a bunch of pages that will give you all the information you should need about The Village Players of Hatboro.

And of course, at the top, we’ve placed links to our most commonly sought-after information.

You’ll notice the addition of a bunch of RSS feeds (those little orange boxes).  If you’re not familiar with RSS feeds and how they work, we suggest watching this video.  (Basically, it’s a way to get every new update we post sent to you, instead of you having to check the website all the time)

Finally, you’ll see we’re really connected with the social networks now, too.  At the top of each news update, you can easily Share on Facebook or Tweet a link on Twitter to what you’re currently reading.  You have some other options like emailing a post, too, if you click the button that looks like this: — and yes, in case you didn’t know, The Village Players are on both Facebook & Twitter.  You can always go to them by clicking the icons at the top of this page.  We highly recommend you follow us, too, as we’ll be re-posting just about every news item on those places that we do here.

There’s lots more I could introduce you to, but how about you just look around and if you have any questions, send us an email!

Thanks and enjoy!

p.s.  You can comment on the news stories, too.  For instance, perhaps you’d like to leave your feedback on the new website below?  🙂

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