STAGE Magazine Reviews “Wait Until Dark”

WAIT UNTIL DARK — First-Rate Suspense Presented by the Village Players of Hatboro
A review by Michael Schwartz of STAGE Magazine

Top to Bottom: James Royale, John Agostinelli, Jerry Neville, Angie Schlauch in Village Players of Hatboro's WAIT UNTIL DARK through March 26.

The late Frederick Knott was a playwright who knew how to write a ‘boo!’ play. He not only wrote WAIT UNTIL DARK, the Village Players of Hatboro’s current production, but he was also responsible for Dial M for Murder as well. It’s no coincidence that both successful plays also became highly successful movies — WAIT UNTIL DARK has an impressive place on the American Film Institute’s list of ‘100 Years, 100 Thrills,’ and the Master himself, Alfred Hitchcock, took on directing duties for the film adaptation of Dial M for Murder. Director Ron Green’s game and talented cast bring WAIT UNTIL DARK to life in high style, and if the production doesn’t quite erase memories of the 1967 film, all involved succeed in making audiences (and at least one reviewer) jump.

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