Stage Magazine Reviews “I Hate Hamlet”

Michael Schwartz of Stage Magazine came to witness opening night of I Hate Hamlet and had some very nice things to say about it.

“The ghost of actor John Barrymore, embodied onstage by Mr. Korowicki, has just entered TV star Andrew Rally’s apartment, where Barrymore once lived. As per playwright Paul Rudnick’s whimsical plot, it’s Barrymore’s job to rally Rally into accepting and following through on playing theater’s richest role, Hamlet. Rally is played by Mr. Cipollo, and the first thing Mr Cipollo does upon meeting the late Mr. Barrymore is make Lou Costello noises. You know, from the Abbott and Costello movies (I’m sorry, but that’s the best way I can describe it). And it’s ridiculous, of course, because that’s not how people really behave, but it’s funny when Costello does it, and it’s equally funny when Cipollo does it. Cipollo, with his jumpy delivery and crack timing, can make just about anything sound funny, and when he’s reacting, he looks funny. Korowicki, in the meantime, struts and frets Mr. Barrymore’s hour upon the stage in high comic fashion, whether he’s seducing, declaiming, showing off his tights, or lip-synching to a song the real Barrymore wouldn’t have lived long enough to know about. Never mind that that last part makes no sense; what you need to know is that separately, Korowicki and Cipollo are very funny, and when they’re together, it’s damn near comic perfection.”

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