Online Reservations / Call For BARE Volunteers

BARE:  Musically Stripped / Artistically Revealed.
VPH 2011 Concert Series.

It’s happening in just over a week and we would like to take this opportunity to give you the ability to reserve your seats through our website for the first time ever!  Yes, that’s right.  Online reservations!  We thought this would make for a good test run of the system for possible use in the future. Just head over to the Box Office page and fill out the form.  It’s as easy as that!

Or, if you’d prefer to simply leave a voicemail on our reservation line, call 215-675-6774.  But do it soon or miss out on VIP status.

Finally, we’re looking for some roadies!  If you’d like to get involved with BARE, we are actively seeking volunteers to help us out in the lobby and/or wherever else we may need you.  Your payment is free admission to the show!  Send an email to if you’d like to help.

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