Seeking Volunteers for Four Weddings

Happy Holidays, folks!

As the time draws nearer to opening night for “Four Weddings And An Elvis”, we begin to see where our gaps are for the necessary volunteering we need to help make the show a success.  And, probably due to the chaos of the holiday season distracting many of us, we’ve got a lot of gaps for this show.

So take a moment and think not about what you’re doing now, but about what you’ll be doing between January 6th and 21st. If you can spare us a few hours, we’ll gladly reward you with a golden ticket to the hottest party outside of Hollywood (not really, but they are a good time):  THE CAST PARTY!

As of today, we’re still seeking a stage manager.  For this show, it’ll be very easy.  Just opening/closing the curtain and calling out time cues.
We’re also seeking people for the booth, which should also be pretty easy for this show.
And of course, we’re looking for help in the lobby and people to run the 50/50.

Please take a look at our volunteer schedule and see what days work for you.  Email with the date/position that works best for you. Thanks!


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