Four Weddings In The News

We’ve had a few local publications put a spotlight on our upcoming “Four Weddings And An Elvis” which opens this Friday, January 6th.  We thought you might like to read their articles before you come out and enjoy the play for yourself.

But umm, fair warning… even though we don’t over-do it on the Elvis, you’ll still probably go home with one (or more) Elvis songs stuck in your head. If you’re prepared for that (It’s worth it. Trust me!) then give us a call and reserve a seat now!  215-675-6774.


Village Players Laugh Their Way To Vegas

via The Hatboro-Horsham Patch

Village Player stage crazy doings in Vegas

via Montgomery Media

Village Players of Hatboro staging Nancy Frick’s ‘Four Weddings and an Elvis’

via PhillyBurbs (AKA The Intelligencer)

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