Seeking Volunteers for “Early One Evening…”

As you probably know, we’re a 100% volunteer organization. Every show is put on by volunteer actors, directors, and crew. We’ve cast the show and now we need to cast the crew.

We’re looking for lobby/concession and 50/50 helpers for our March show “Early One Evening at The Rainbow Bar & Grille.” Maybe you’ve done it before? Maybe you’d like to try it for the first time! Whatever the case, we’d love to have your helping hands.

The positions of Stage Manager and Lighting/Sound operator are awaiting confirmation but are not yet set in stone, so if you’re interested in those positions… just let us know and we’ll put you on the backup list.

This spreadsheet below will tell you the dates and positions we have.  It updates automatically, so check it at any time to see if your desired date/position has already been taken or not.  If not, send a note to immediately!


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