‘Early One Evening…’ Featured In The Patch

“What a crazy, non-descript name for a play” is one of the first things I probably thought when I heard the title of ‘Early One Evening at The Rainbow Bar & Grille.’ Well, as it turns out, it’s about the end of the world.

It IS 2012, after all!

The Hatboro-Horsham Patch breaks it down for everyone in today’s article about us:

The world is coming to an end. What do you do? The Village Players’ upcoming performance explores just that.

“Early One Evening at The Rainbow Bar & Grille” is an apocalyptic drama with a tinge of comedy set in a small town in “Pennsyltucky” that focuses on a group of six people who interact at a local watering hole.

“No one really knows what’s going on inside or outside of the bar,” director Ron Green explained.

The cause of the impending doom is never clear, but the bar-goers all discuss what they plan to do during their last day on Earth.

Bartender Shep hangs at work and debates taking his life. Roy plans to go to Disneyland, but needs to have a few beers first. Willie goes on a rampage and kills her husband. Shirley starts checking items off her bucket list, and Virginia’s about to travel out west.

Read the entire article including interviews with the cast here: http://horsham.patch.com/articles/village-players-tackle-end-of-world

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