STAGE Magazine Reviews “Early One Evening…”

Before we get to the review, let it be known that the issues with our reservation/box-office line have been resolved.  So if you haven’t already done so, make them reservations now for one of our remaining shows!  You never HAVE to reserve seats to see a show at VPH, but it is encouraged in case we sell out.

Lesley Grigg of STAGE Magazine came to see our production of Bruce Graham’s “Early One Evening at The Rainbow Bar & Grille” on Friday, our opening night.

The play opened on a quiet bar, a colorful and well constructed set stocked with darts, a jukebox, beer paraphernalia on the wall, and I Love Lucy on TV. However, for writer/bartender, Shep (Coz Baldwin), it seemed things couldn’t get much worse. He’s just received notice his first book is going to be published, right when news spreads that the world will be coming to an end within the hour. Baldwin turned Shep’s distress into an eerie calmness, making me believe he was torn between wanting to live and having to die. The scene where Shep admits he’s accepted death, even when there was a glimmer of hope for life, had the right touch of poignancy without being too sappy.

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