2014-2015 Season (67th)

Beyond Therapy

Beyond Therapy CoverBy: Christopher Durang
October (2014) 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18
Directed by: Zachary J. Palmer

(Comedy) Bruce and Prudence meet via a personal ad, and it goes disastrously. They report back to their therapists, who are clearly more mentally disturbed than their patients, and decide to create revised personal ads. Unfortunately, they end up meeting again… but the second time around, things work out for the better. But Bruce has a live in lover who is jealous of Prudence, and wants desperately wants her out of the picture.

Kevin Christian as Bruce
Lisa Litchko-Stunder as Prudence
Linda Walsh as Charlotte
Bob Petrik as Stuart
Joe Forsstrum as Bob
Bob Harris as Andrew


In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (That Should Be Shot)

Inlaws CoverBy: Steve Franco
January (2015) 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24
Directed by: Fran Carroll
Assistant Director: Keith Maliszewski

(Comedy) Imagine Christmas dinner with your family. It can certainly be hectic. When your extended family shows up, it gets worse. Add in your nosy next door neighbors, and it’s a nightmare. When two men who just robbed a liquor store show up, consider it a blessing- they probably brought some vodka!


Mike Gavanus as Dad
Carolyn Dixon as Beth
Paul McCarthy as Bud
Deb Lewis as Bunny
Natalie Smith as Tracey
Gloria Pinsker as Mrs. Drapper
Steve Niles as Leo
Carole Gettmann as Rose
Matt Nitchke as Tony
Kevin Christian as Vinny
Tyler Sanderson as Paul
Laura John as Emily
Ronit Adini as Janet
Tim Odom as Police Officer
Valerie Carson as Mrs. Wakowski


Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons)

dll-poster-8x10-smallBy: Christopher Hampton
March (2015) 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28
Directed by: Gina Lutz

(Drama) The Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont are rivals who use sex as a weapon of humiliation and degradation. Their cruel plan to ruin the virtuous Madame de Trouvel becomes complicated when the Vicomte develops genuine feelings for her; and the Marquise becomes incredibly jealous and vengeful.

Andrea Ambs as La Marquise de Merteuil
Nigel Rogers as Le Vicomte de Valmont
Carol Leister as Mme. de Volanges
Natalie Smith as Cecile Volanges
Jon Zucker as Major-Domo
Regina Deavitt as Mme. de Rosemonde
Jenny Sullens as La Presidente de Tourvel
Greg Davis as Azolan
Kevin Christian as Le Chevalier Danceny
Ashley Lora-Lee as Emilie
Bill Salamone as Footman (Merteuil’s household)
Tim Schumann as Footman (Valmont’s household)
Caitlin Cummiskey as Adele, a Maid (Rosemonde’s household)
Laura John as Maid (Tourvel’s household)


Funny Money

Funny-Money-CoverBy: Ray Cooney
June (2015) 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20
Directed by: Bob DeMarco

(Comedy) Henry picks up the wrong briefcase by mistake and finds it contains almost a million dollars! Realizing the owner of the briefcase was likely a criminal, he plans to flee the country with his wife immediately. However, the police arrive with unfortunate news- Henry is dead (or, a man with his briefcase was found dead). The arrival of an additional officer who suspects Henry of soliciting in the men’s bathroom, and a dangerous mafioso who is not afraid to kill again, leads to a series of hilarious mistaken identities in this raucous comedy.

Steve Niles as Davenport
Christina Zick as Jean
Colleen Mackle as Billie
John Pinto as Henry
Bonnie Kapenstein as Betty
Clint Cleaver as Vic
Frank Grosso as Slater
Tim Schumann as Passer-by


Summer Show

These Shining Lives

By: Melanie Marnich
[DATES UPDATED] August 6, 7, 8, 9*
Directed by: Keith Maliszewski
*Dates subject to change due to theater construction

(Drama) THESE SHINING LIVES chronicles the strength and determination of women considered expendable in their day, exploring their true story and its continued resonance. Catherine and her friends are dying, it’s true; but theirs is a story of survival in its most transcendent sense, as they refuse to allow the company that stole their health to kill their spirits—or endanger the lives of those who come after them.

Ashley Lora-Lee as Catherine
Mandy Schmidt as Charlotte
Allison Schrader as Frances
Regina Deavitt as Pearl
Kevin Christian as Tom
Steve Niles as Mr. Reed
James Whittall as Dr. Rowntree
Dom Chiodo as Radio Announcer
Tim Schumann as Leonard Grossman
Robert Caso as Company Doctor
Sarah Gheen as Daughter
Tommy Gheen as Son
Jim Palmer as Dr. Dalitsch
Fran Carroll as Judge
Tim McCloskey as Slideman
Jonathan Smith as Reporter #1
Bobby Harris as Reporter #2
Kara McCormick as Radium Girl #1
Jessica Paez as Radium Girl #2
Jeanne Gheen as Radium Girl #3


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