In The Wings: Doubt

Doubt“What do you do when you are not sure?” asks Father Flynn of his unseen parish, but also of you, the audience. So begins the thought provoking Doubt: A Parable by John Patrick Shanley, opening at The Village Players of Hatboro on March 21st.

The Tony Award winning Best Play introduces us to Sister Aloysius (Regina Deavitt), the Principal of Saint Nicholas’s School in The Bronx in 1964. She is a strict authoritarian and a believer that the students should not be coddled. Her ideology clashes with that of new parish priest Father Flynn (Kevin Walters), who, following the Second Vatican Council’s directive, believes the clergy should be more interactive with the parish and thought of “as members of their family.”

The tension escalates when Sister Aloysius comes to suspect that Father Flynn has acted inappropriately with Donald Muller, the first black student to attend the school. Despite a lack of proof, Sister Aloysius is certain in her suspicions. Father Flynn counters that Sister Aloysius has no right to accuse him without evidence. Sister Aloysius tries to find an ally in Mrs. Muller (Teresa Miller), Donald’s mother, but she is resistant, believing that Father Flynn’s influence will do more good than harm.

Caught in the middle is Sister James (Katie Noga), a new teacher at the school. Her struggles to reconcile her doubt against Sister Aloysius’ certainty turns her world upside down. The audience, like Sister James, finds itself torn between questioning if Father Flynn is a good-hearted man seeking to mentor those who need his help, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Doubt is a parable for a reason: it is a story of the internal struggle we all experience in the pursuit of truth.

Doubt, directed by Georgina Anderson-Bard, opens Friday, March 21st and runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday through April 5th. Friday and Saturday evening performances begin promptly at 8 PM; Sunday matinee performances begin promptly at 2 PM. All tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased on our website.

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