Recent Improvements Thanks To You

As we hunker in for “tech week” here at The Village Players, our final-final push to get everything set and ready for opening night of In-laws, Outlaws, and Other People (That Should Be Shot), opening this Friday the 9th of January, we have also been putting the finishing touches on many improvements around the theater.

For instance, we have a newly laid out lobby, complete with a full, refrigerated concession bar. This new bar will also serve as the ticket-taker’s area where we now — hold on to your hats — accept credit cards! Right there on the spot! We’ve even got a computer screen up that shows you which seats are already taken, allowing you to pick your seats as you buy your ticket. 21st century, here we come!

We’ve also made improvements in the restrooms by giving them a makeover, replacing some appliances, and ooooh boy are we excited to announce that we finally have HOT WATER running again! I know, I know… it’s kind of a big deal.

Lobby, bathroom, and concessions
Click for larger view

And those new concessions I mentioned? Yeah, you can bring them into the seating area now. No more “No food or drink in the theater!” rule. Just… be careful, OK?

This is all thanks to your generous donations and patronage over the last few years and we cannot be more grateful for it. We’ve still got a few items on our shopping list, though, so keep that generosity flowing and we’ll be flowing it right back into making a better experience for all our patrons and volunteers. We’re eyeing another two air conditioner units known to be easy on the winter air conditioning maintenance costs, these will be for the stage and for the actor’s area (green room) as well as a new lights & sound board, because the one up there now is, well, we’re surprised it’s still running, to be honest with you.

But we’ve been able to do so much in so little time. We’re on a roll and we hope you can join us in seeing this place become the undisputed, best little theater in all the land.

So please, come on out and catch a performance of In-laws, Outlaws, and Other People (That Should Be Shot), which runs the next 3 weekends. Buy your tickets ahead of time here.

We’ve also got some more special fundraising events coming up, like a psychic medium reading on January 25th and a bellydance recital on April 11th. More info on them to come…

Thanks again and we’ll see you soon!

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  • January 4, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    Wonderful news! Congratulations!


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