Buy-A-Seat Fundraiser

Recently a rather large, painful, yet necessary decision was made in our organization.  We decided it was time to replace our auditorium seats.  Their decorative appearance gave us a glimpse into the past every night. But after 48 years, they’ve given us all they can.

In the interest of comfort and safety, we will be upgrading this summer.

Come October when our next season starts, our auditorium floor will be re-shaped & elevated, the walls and ceiling re-painted, and your derrieres will be treated to brand-new cushioned seats arranged in a new “radial” format, which will also provide better sight-lines and more leg room for every person in the house.

So despite our sadness of letting go of such beautiful furniture, we are absolutely thrilled to bring you something new, comfortable and safe. We are also taking extra precautions for our disabled patrons and we’re sure they will have a much more enjoyable experience here than they have had before.

This is obviously going to be a large financial undertaking so we’re asking for your help.  In return for your generosity, we’ll be permanently placing a plaque on each chair with an engraving of your choice.  You can dedicate a chair to a loved one, or simply let us thank you or your company by placing your name on a plaque.

We’re introducing this “Buy-A-Seat” program at just $50 a seat. But this price will not last long!  Are you interested?

Some addition history, for those curious…

The seats we have now were actually obtained second-hand from the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA and were installed in 1967. Prior to them, we were using second-hand seats acquired in 1960 from the Southampton Players.

They will be going to a good home.  One of the nation’s premiere theater seating companies, Great Eastern Seating Company, who is managing the installation of the new seats, will be taking and restoring our old ones for installation elsewhere.

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