The Intelligencer Reviews “The Murder Room”

Ellen Cicchitti from The Intelligencer stopped by and watched the dress rehearsals of our production of The Murder Room by Jack Sharkey. We’re very happy to share her review of the show with you.

Below is an excerpt of the review:

The fast-paced, witty dialogue is sure to have the audience dying of laughter. Although it can be a little too fast for viewers to catch everything, the story is easy enough to follow that a few minor missed points won’t disrupt the experience. There are many twists and turns along the way, and while some may have the audience saying, “I knew it!” out loud, others may have them gasping in total surprise.

Much of the humor plays with literal and figurative meanings of words and idioms, but it also pokes fun at clichéd story tropes, and there’s enough variety in the jokes and gags that anyone can have a laugh.

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The Murder Room by Jack Sharkey opens today, January 13th and runs through January 28th. Get tickets »

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