Auditions for “Unnecessary Farce”

Unnecessary Farce program cover art

Auditions for Unnecessary Farce by Paul Slade Smith will be held at the Village Players of Hatboro on

  • Saturday, March 24th at 2:00pm
  • Sunday, March 25th at 7:00pm

Cold readings from the scripts will be provided.

Show dates are June (2018) 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16. All actors who are cast must be available for all show dates, as well as tech week (Sunday, May 27th through Wednesday, May 30th) and benefit shows on weeknights throughout the run.

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Two cops. Three crooks. Eight doors. Go. In a cheap motel room, an embezzling mayor is supposed to meet with his female accountant, while in the room next-door, two undercover cops wait to catch the meeting on videotape. But there’s some confusion as to who’s in which room, who’s being videotaped, who’s taken the money, who’s hired a hitman, and why the accountant keeps taking off her clothes.


Eric Sheridan: Male, 30s to 40s. A bookish, even-keeled police officer who’s thrown into some difficult situations — while not wearing any pants.

Billie Dwyer: Female, 20s to 30s. A police officer. Eric’s partner. Although she seems to lack every skill needed for police work, she is enthusiastic and eager to succeed.

Karen Brown: Female, 30s to 40s. An accountant who usually has a very professional demeanor, but seems unable to keep herself in control today.
Note: the actress cast would likely be on stage in her underwear and/or a slip.

Mayor Meekly: Male, 50s to 70s. A sweet, gentle fellow, who seems very Innocent (with a capital I)

Agent Frank: Male, 20s to 50s. Town Hall head of Security. Although he can seem confident and even gruff, in moments of crisis he is easily reduced to a very frightened man.

Todd: Male, 20s to 50s. Speaks with a pronounced Scottish accent. A professional hit man who’s accent gets thicker the angrier he gets, until he’s completely indecipherable.

Mary Meekly: Female, 50s to 70s. The Mayor’s wife. Small statured, she seems very sweet natured, and a good match for her husband the mayor.


Audition nights are a perfect time to come out, meet the director, and express your interest in helping out backstage, be it in the role of a stage manager, lights & sound operator, concessions, or whatever else you might like to do.

They’re also GREAT for first-timers to come out and observe how things are done, maybe express interest in being a helper, or read for a part! We almost always cast at least one person who’s never been on stage before. You never know what can happen!

Questions? Please contact the show’s director, Jim Kirkwood at

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