Auditions for Biloxi Blues

Audition for Biloxi Blues

Auditions will be held for Biloxi Blues, a play by Neil Simon at The Village Players of Hatboro on the following dates:

  • Sunday, January 27th at 7pm
  • Monday, January 28th at 7pm
  • CALLBACKS BY INVITATION ONLY on Wednesday, January 30th at 7pm

Cold readings from the script will be provided. If there is time, monologues may be permitted from productions other than this one.

Show dates are June (2019) 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22. All actors who are cast MUST be available for all show dates, as well as tech week and benefit shows on weeknights throughout the run (which will be announced prior to the beginning of rehearsals).

Rehearsal days will be decided based upon actor availability.

Audition Application Options

You may bring a completed audition application by printing one out below or fill out the online audition form. You may also fill out a form once you arrive but be sure to bring a list of all your unavailable dates.


(Dramedy) The story begins with 18-year-old Eugene Morris Jerome from Brooklyn, who is drafted into the United States Army during World War II and is sent to Biloxi, Mississippi for basic training.

There he meets a diverse assortment of soldiers, including the gentle and intelligent Arnold Epstein, who is the play’s central figure. The piece portrays Epstein’s struggle for power with middle-aged, hard-drinking platoon leader Sergeant Merwin J. Toomey. In a memorable scene, Epstein manages to force Toomey to perform two hundred push-ups in front of the platoon.

Character Descriptions

  • Eugene Morris Jerome (M, 18-25, Lead): A writer and the narrator of the show. He is the alter ego of the youthful Neil Simon.
  • Roy Selridge (M, 18-25, Major Supporting): A confident man who thinks of himself as funny. He tends to take cues from others on how to behave and who to harass.
  • Joseph Wykowski (M, 19-26, Major Supporting): Big and tough – but not too smart and somewhat bigoted.
  • Don Carney (M, 18-25, Major Supporting): A private from New Jersey who irritates his bunkmates with his singing. He is not very good at making important decisions.
  • Arnold Epstein (M, 18-25, Major Supporting): A sensitive, well-read and intelligent Jewish guy from New York CityHe is mentally strong, but physically weak. He constantly feels the need to fight for something.
  • Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey (M, 35-50, Major Supporting): A Southerner. He is big and tough – he is smart and hardcore, old school “Army”, but he has his demons.
  • James Hennesy (M, 18-24, Major Supporting): Big and tough – but not too smart. He is part African American, but not noticeably.
  • Rowena (F, 20-up, Minor Supporting): A world-wise, Southern prostitute. She must have a flair for comedy.
  • Daisy Hannigan (F, 17-24, Minor Supporting): A USO dancer and Eugene’s first love, she is young and pretty.
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Crew Members & Newbies

Audition nights are a perfect time to come out, meet the director, and express your interest in helping out backstage, be it in the role of a stage manager, lights & sound operator, concessions, or whatever else you might like to do.

They’re also GREAT for first-timers to come out and observe how things are done, maybe express interest in being a helper, or read for a part! We almost always cast at least one person who’s never been on stage before. You never know what can happen!

Questions? Please contact the show’s director Daniel Cochran at

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