Seeking Volunteers for “Sex Lies & Fish”

Friends of the Village Players,

We need volunteers for our summer show wrapping up our 72nd season: Sex, Lies & Fish!!

Sex, Lies & Fish is written by VPH’s own Steven J. Niles.  If the name doesn’t ring a bell, his face surely will as Steve has performed many times in a variety of roles on our stage.  Most recently he portrayed Leonard, the blunt and imposing writing teacher in Seminar.  Before that he’s been in such roles as the guard in 12 Angry Jurors, Todd the Scottish assassin in Unnecessary Farce, down-on-his-luck Eddie in Lost in Yonkers and The Major in Fawlty Towers, just to name a few.  In addition to being a wonderful actor, Steve has been a writer for film for over 20 years.  Along with his partner, Kevin Spotts, and their production company, S&N Films, Steve has written dozens of short films and several feature length films.  Sex, Lies & Fish is his first play adaptation of one of S&N Films’ productions.

Sex, Lies, and Fish (Summer 2019)


Sex, Lies, and Fish is a fast and funny slapstick farce. After the death of his father in a tragic fish-mongering accident, Lewis Paglinini has become sole owner of the lucrative Friendly Fisherman’s Fish Filet Factory. Desperate for a share of the business, motel magnate Albert D’Auria attempts to earn the young man’s favor with a once-in-a-lifetime offer. In exchange for a piece of the Fillet Factory, Albert is prepared to offer Lewis his daughter Babs’ hand in marriage. Babs, meanwhile, has been carrying on an illicit love affair with Albert’s business rival, Dominick Vinta. Following the advice of her maid, Sissy, Babs agrees to marry Lewis while secretly plotting to murder him after the wedding in order to secure the minced-fish money for herself.

Village Players of Hatboro ends its 72nd season with a special summer event, the hilarious, Sex, Lies & Fish, by Steven J. Niles. The show is directed by Jim Kirkwood (Unnecessary Farce, Sex Please, We’re Sixty)assisted by Steve Niles, and produced by Kevin Christian.

Show dates are August 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 at 8pm (yes, there is a special Thursday night showing for this event). There will also be a Sunday matinee held on August 4 at 2pm.

Please email with which date/position you’d like.

How To Get Involved

We will need up to 5 people per show (2 for lobby/concessions, 1 for 50/50, and 2 for Box Office). No experience is necessary for most positions; we will let you know what you need to do if you volunteer. Please arrive one hour before showtime.

Here are the basic descriptions of your responsibilities should you wish to volunteer:


If you’ve never volunteered before, ask anyone backstage to point you towards the stage manager. They can get you started on your first duty of preparing the coffee. Otherwise, feel free to get started on your own. The coffee should be ready by 7:30/1:30 when doors open. You will be given programs to hand out to the audience as they enter the theater.


You should be in the lobby as doors open to the public. You should actively engage with our patrons and encourage them to purchase 50/50 tickets. They, of course, have a chance to win half the pot. The other half is always appreciated and goes to very good use in helping maintain our theater. During intermission, you will do the same in the lobby and then also walk around to all the seats for one last attempt before picking the winning ticket at the end of intermission.

Box Office

You will be responsible for receiving payment and handing out tickets.

Take a look at the volunteer spreadsheet. Click the link to see what dates/positions have been taken and which one(s) you want.

Please email with which date/position you’d like.

Thanks for all of your help!