In The Wings: She Kills Monsters

Announcing the Village Players of Hatboro’s October show, the first of its 75th season, the dramatic comedy, She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen!

Below are the show dates and times:

  • Friday, October 14 at 8PM
  • Saturday, October 15 at 8PM
  • Sunday, October 16 at 2PM
  • Friday, October 21 at 8PM
  • Saturday, October 22 at 8PM
  • Sunday, October 23 at 2PM
  • Friday, October 28 at 8PM
  • Saturday, October 29 at 8PM


When Agnes Evans loses her entire family in a car accident, she is forced to confront an uncomfortable truth: she never really knew her geeky younger sister, Tilly. Though not a player herself, Agnes enlists the help of neighborhood uber-nerd, Chuck, to help her play the Dungeons and Dragons campaign that Tilly had written. Through the action of the game, Agnes discovers more about Tilly’s strength, wit, and the realities Tilly faced being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community than she would ever have imagined.

In this high-octane dramatic comedy laden with homicidal fairies, nasty ogres, and 90s pop culture, acclaimed playwright Qui Nguyen offers a heart-pounding homage to the geek and warrior within us all.

“It will slash and shapeshift its way into your heart.”
– The New York Times

“Nguyen is a refreshing, break-the-rules writer – he has a ready embrace of pop culture, high-school speak and ‘High Fidelity’ cool, and he also has a mission to redeem gaming geeks everywhere… She Kills Monsters delivers exactly what it promises, is generally a blast.”
Chicago Tribune

She Kills Monsters will be directed by Ezri Lutz, with Ashley Lora-Lee producing. Special Thanks to Dustin Karrat for fight choreography, and to Pennsylvania Pole Academy and Emily Cipriano for dance choreography.

Costume Contest!

The Village Players of Hatboro invites their audience members to attend the show in costume if they wish.

Make sure to dress in your best renaissance faire or fantasy costume (think fairies, elves, orcs, or whatever you can dream up–get as creative as you want). Whatever costume you plan to wear this Halloween is also appropriate. Each night of the show, the director will choose their favorite costume of the evening and the wearer will receive a prize and be featured on VPH’s social media!

Content Warning

This show contains:

  • Loud noises
  • Adult language
  • Depictions of violence and gore
  • Bullying of LGBTQIA+ youth


  • Julia Corrado as Agnes Evans
  • Autumn Bradley as Tilly Evans
  • Evan Connors as Chuck
  • Tom Burke as Steve
  • Roy Mendez as Orcus/Ronnie
  • Michael Hall as Miles
  • Jesica Counts as Kaliope/Kelly
  • Sydney Cain-Frazier as Lilith/Lilly
  • Kailey Labovitz as Vera
  • Emily Thompson as Evil Tina
  • Kira Stein as Evil Gabbi
  • Jackie Sherman as Farrah
  • Nicolas Pinault as Monster
  • Mike Rizzo as Monster
  • Steve Niles as Monster
  • Michael McCormick as Monster
  • Callie Parker as Monster
  • Amman Bansal as Monster
  • Alexandra Gray as The Narrator
She Kills Monsters cast photo 1
From left to right:
Evan Connors, Michael Hall, Sydney Cain-Frazier, Autumn Bradley, Julia Corrado, Jesica Counts, Roy Mendez
She Kills Monsters cast photo 2
Top: Steven J. Niles, Jesica Counts, Jackie Sherman, Autumn Bradley, Julia Corrado, Michael Hall, Callie Parker, Michael McCormick, Amman Bansal, Tom Burke
Bottom: Mike Rizzo, Kira Stein, Emily Thompson, Roy Mendez
Not Pictured: Kailey Labovitz, Nicolas Pinault, Alexandra Gray


Tickets for The Village Players of Hatboro are now handled by Complete Ticket Solutions!


Tickets for She KIlls Monsters are available to purchase online, right now! Tickets are $20 online or at the door. The Village Players of Hatboro offers group discount seating for groups of 10 or more. 

If you want even more great entertainment, there’s still time to buy Season Tickets for our entire 75th season! Season tickets are only $60, that gets you four great shows for the price of only three! To purchase season tickets, please call 215-675-6774, but hurry, season tickets are only available until the end of this show. For a complete list of all the great shows for season 75, please click here.

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