In The Wings: Witness for the Prosecution

Witness for the Prosecution, It is 1950s London. A murder, brutal and bloodthirsty, has stained the plush carpets of a handsome London townhouse. The victim is the wealthy Emily French. All the evidence points to Leonard Vole, a young chancer to whom she left her vast fortune and who ruthlessly took her life. At least, this is the story that Emily’s dedicated housekeeper Janet Mackenzie stands by in court. Leonard, however, is adamant that his wife, Romaine, can prove his innocence.


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Auditions for “Witness for the Prosecution”

(Drama/Thriller) Witness for the Prosecution Leonard Vole stands accused of murdering a rich widow. The stakes are high with shocking witness testimony, impassioned outbursts from the dock and a young man’s fight to escape the hangman’s noose. Generally regarded as one of Christie’s most accomplished plays, this suspenseful thriller keeps audiences guessing until the very end.


  • Sunday, December 4 at 7PM
  • Monday, December 5 at 7PM

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In The Wings: No Exit

(Drama) No Exit is a dark drama that deals with what happens after death. Sarte’s famous existentialist play follows three people to a room in hell, where their torture is revealed to be each other’s company. Three damned souls, Cradeau, Inez, and Estelle, are brought to a simple waiting room to await their punishment. While they expected some sort of torture chamber to punish them in the afterlife, they instead begin to realize where the true torment really lies. Their constant arguing finally has Cradeau state the famous line: “Hell is other people”.

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